Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School and Sports College (6th thru 12th Grades)

PROJECT: Cardinal Heenan Catholic Sports College

OWNER: Liverpool City Council

SCOPE: 108,000 SF New College Facility

CONSTRUCTION COST: $62,400,000.00

COMPLETION DATE: September 2011

RESPONSABILITY: Design Architect

PARTNER ARCH.: EK Architects

The Liverpool City Council under the Building Schools for the Future Program, Wave 2, included the Cardinal Heenan Catholic Sports College in the program. This facility has a capacity of 1,200 students. The primary design intent was to create flexibility in every space while providing environments that the students can be comfortable, excited and enthusiastic while learning. Transformational teaching elements are dispersed throughout the facility, including a cutting edge arts and design tech program that has an integrated gallery and technology suite that utilizes the corridor. The three story educational / classroom component has views to the outdoor sports facilities. This facility is designed to Breeam Standards, the English equivalent to our USGBC LEED Rating System, Silver.