St. John Bosco High School and Arts College (6th thru 12th Grades)

PROJECT: St. John Bosco Arts College

OWNER: Liverpool City Council

SCOPE: 50,000 SF Addition / 53,000 Renovation

CONSTRUCTION COST: $52,000,000.00

COMPLETION DATE: September 2012

RESPONSABILITY: Design Architect

PARTNER ARCH.: 2020 Liverpool Architects

The Liverpool City Council under the Building Schools for the Future Program, Wave 6, included the St. John Bosco Arts College in the program. This facility has a capacity of 1,200 students. Approximately 50% of the existing 102,000 SF facility will be demolished and rebuilt. Phasing is a crucial aspect of this project and has a significant impact on the overall budget. The primary intent upon entry is to create an imagery of the arts without the need for signage. As soon as you pass through the vestibule you enter an art gallery for 2 & 3 Dimensional art work. Immediately beyond the gallery is the performance space open to the lobby. It is the core or heartbeat of the college. It serves as a social hub, learning environment, performance space and cafeteria. The overall facility is broken down into five communities including: Creative, Salesian, Logic, Communication and Heath Communities. The logic community has incorporated a living logic museum and state of the art flexible science laboratories. This facility is designed to Breeam Standards, the English equivalent to our USGBC LEED Rating System, Silver.