Williamsburg Charter High School, Brooklyn, New York

PROJECT: Williamsburg Charter HS

OWNER: Believe Network

SCOPE: 120,000 SF Adaptive Reuse

CONSTRUCTION COST: $21,000,000.00

COMPLETION DATE: September 2010

RESPONSABILITY: Architect of Record

The Williamsburg Charter High School and the Believe Network realized their present facility was no longer meeting their needs and searched Brooklyn for the ideal home for a new school. They were able to find an existing 8 story building on Varet Street that would be the perfect adaptive reuse project for their new school. This project used creativity in converting this manufacturing facility into a state of the art educational facility. Several of the truly incredible components of the existing environment is the dynamic relationship between the staff and students, the CEO, Eddie Calderon Melendez nurtured this since the school’s inception. He has created a synergy like no other school and felt it essential to let the architecture enhance this ideal situation with the creation of Student Success Hubs located directly adjacent to the staff work areas, separated by a glass wall with access to either space. This hub is open to the corridor as well as to create an open, friendly and social atmosphere on every floor. In addition, we created a theatre in the round on the ground floor which doubles as cafeteria and social area when there are not performances. This area can also be used for drama classes and a dance studio. The ground floor also includes the Interactive learning center and a fitness center. This all will be used by the community. The capacity of this new facility will be 1,200 students. The administrative and executive offices are located on the 8th floor. Science labs are located on the 2nd thru the 7th floors.